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MO Sports X 1Million


Mo Sports X 1Million is a recovery shoe that helps the body recover from fatigue. Experience the comfort of walking on clouds with upgraded cushioning and ultra-light outsole.

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The world's hippest dance studio partners with South Korea's leading sports recovery brand!

Have you ever thought that running recovery and K-pop dancing might have something in common? Surprisingly, the recovery phase of running and dancing can greatly benefit from the patented MO cushioning. With a focus on creating products that support dance, we partnered with 1Million Dance Studio, led by Lia Kim. 1Million Dance Studio offers extensive international experience in dance, and MO specializes in restorative product design. This collaboration resulted in the 1MxMO Wave, a new K-style recovery essential. This product features cushions designed for recovery and a wavy pattern that makes you feel like you're walking on clouds.


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